IMPact Volumes

Volume 6 (Issue 3) Student as Producer RAISE Special Edition

Dr Kate Strudwick and Clare Cotton

Creative Employability: The LSFMJ Student Lounge
Dr Jane Batkin

Student Inclusion Consultants: An inclusive partnership scheme
Vicky Blacklock and Emily Parkin

Measuring Student Engagement in a HyFlex Environment
Dr Elaine B. Bohórquez, Dr Sarah Khan, Dr Lina Battestilli and Dr April Fogleman

“Am I on the right lines?”: Fostering a shared understanding of feedback to support student’s self-assessment.
Dr Kate Duffy

From Student Advocacy to Institutionalisation: SGBVH Prevention in Higher Education
Caroline Hilgers, Aitch Farley and Olivia Storz

Student as producer of individual, collective, and global knowledge in the MA Interior Architecture and Design studio, University of Lincoln
Dr Zakkiya Khan

Corporate Mentor Partner Program (CMPP)
Patricia Perlman-Dee

Empowering student producers: co-creating a learning and teaching podcast
Dr Jenny Scoles, Eric Berger, Dr Joe Arton and Joséphine Foucher

Forging effective partnerships in the third space; Empowering people to respond to the ever-changing face of Higher Education
Dr Michael Shaw

THE CINEMATOGRAPHY OF MIND-SET- Creating an award-winning feature film with students & recent graduates
Jack Shelbourn

Increasing Student Engagement Through Co-created Gamification
Amy Stickels and Anna Tranter

Meeting students where they are at. How a pandemic response became best practice for student retention
Tania Struetzel and Colum Mackey

How can educators support students in developing digital self-efficacy?
Dr Alison Walker, Dr Rebecca Pratchett, and Ms Caitlin Gilbert

Cover image for IMPact Volume 5 Issue 2

Volume 5 (Issue 2) 2022 UROS project reports (Student edition)

Dr Kate Strudwick, Clare Cotton and Josie Horner-Timmins

Invisible Agents: Networks of Learning in Late Antiquity
Annabelle Mansell

To improve the understanding of the dissemination of antimicrobial resistance and its impact on humans from imported edible shrimp
Dr Ron Dixon and Ciara Robinson 

Family ties for prisoners: A consultation
Eloise Quayle and Angela Harwood