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Welcome to the Inclusive Education Resource Hub

This space draws together teaching and learning materials and resources on inclusive education with the purpose to facilitate understanding and application. It is hoped that this hub will provide colleagues with valuable aids and thought provoking content to facilitate both reflection and action. This hub encourages educators to consider the way in which programmes, modules, assessments and environments are shaped and enacted.

Developed by the Eleanor Glanville Institute in collaboration with colleagues across the institution, this hub is a space for everyone to contribute to and grow. The teaching and learning journey towards inclusivity is an iterative one which does not have an end point; instead it requires constant commitment and passion. This resource hub forms part of our Equality Charter work and is important in informing the development and improvement of our teaching and learning practices.

For more information about this hub and how you can get involved with the development of the resource please see below.

Image showing a group of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

What is Inclusive Education?

Find out more about the ethos of inclusive education and how it can be understood.


Explore more about decolonisation and how we approach it at Lincoln.

Image showing different students

How to…

Providing practical guidance on how to apply theory to teaching practice.

Inclusive Education at Lincoln

Inclusive education at the University of Lincoln centres on voice, partnership, and co-creation, as highlighted in our ‘student as producer’ ethos.

Group of students working together.

Everyone Belongs: Student Voice

The University of Lincoln is renowned for its student-centred, co-creational approach to teaching and learning, namely ‘student as producer’.

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