Student as Researcher

The development of Student as Researcher opportunities for students at the University of Lincoln stems from the core principles of the Student as Producer model, which embeds research-engaged teaching as the principal teaching and learning strategy.

Student as Researcher is an important opportunity for students to put their skills and knowledge into practice and make a valuable contribution to impactful research at the university and in the wider community.

Schemes such as UROS and StAR provide opportunities for Student as Researcher to conduct subject based enquiry under mentorship of an expert. Student researchers work in collaboration with staff to enhance their learning by designing research, conducting research and disseminating findings.

Student as Researchers gain transferable skills, gain an insight into research techniques, and deepen their knowledge and connection to a subject area.

Below are some quotes from second year UG Student Researchers involved in the 2022 UROS Scheme:

“I would recommend the UROS project journey to any student who has the time and desire to improve their academic performance and boost their future career prospects. The gains are diverse and the continuation of education through the summer period can only help further the momentum of the learning process. The opportunity to work closely with a supervisor on an area of current research is an advantage that few students experience and should be aspired to as part of the developmental journey”

“The UROS experience has emphasised to me how important, challenging and rewarding it is to take part in extracurricular work outside of my degree, not just to build my CV and increase my job prospects, but also for character development and transferable skills. I have enjoyed working closely with my supervisor; I have learnt a great deal that I would not have gained from my degree alone and will undoubtedly apply in the future. I have grown as a person, and it has made me a better student.”

More information about Student as Researcher schemes at the University of Lincoln and how to get involved can be found below.