StAR Lab

Student-led Climate Action Research Living Laboratory (StAR Lab) offer University of Lincoln students the opportunity to actively contribute towards sustainability projects at a local level.  This project has been developed, working in partnership with the Lincoln Climate Commission Research Sub-Group.

This scheme embodies the principle of ‘Student as Producer.’

Applications are invited from any University of Lincoln undergraduate student wanting to pursue an action research sustainability project with a local organisation.

StAR Lab provides a way for undergraduate students to gain practical experience of research, delivering a consultancy project for a client.

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StAR Lab Student Bursaries Available

StAR Lab project

  • The scope of projects will typically be between 30 and 50 hours over a 10-12 week period.
  • The project should be achievable, alongside studies and other commitments
  • Projects can take place during term time and / or over the summer period
  • A £500 student bursary to contribute to the cost of living while students undertake the research project

The bursary awarded through StAR Lab is intended for the student researcher(s). The awarded student bursary is a tax-free fixed amount paid directly to the student researcher(s) as a contribution to cost of living while undertaking the project.

To be eligible to receive a student bursary you must be a current undergraduate student while conducting your research project – therefore all first and second-year undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Final year students are eligible to apply if they will still be a current student when the StAR Lab project starts. Final year students will only maintain their student status and be eligible to conduct a StAR Lab project during the summer period if that are they are continuing into a higher degree when they graduate.

If you are an international student, and Student Visa holder, please be aware that the hours you will spend working on your project will count towards your working hours limit of 20 hours a week in term-time.  If you have any questions about your working hours, please contact

Application Process

StAR Lab research project opportunities will be advertised.  The project brief has been provided by a third party organisation.  Students are asked to complete the application form to apply for a project.  Applications will be reviewed and selected by the ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Group. 

As a competitive programme, only one student will be awarded the project, and all applications will be assessed against specified criteria.

StAR Lab Student Guidance

Why take part?

StAR Lab provides students with an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with a local organisation; to develop new knowledge and skills; and to engage in a research and consultancy project.  Through participating in StAR Lab you can:

  • Develop transferable skills that will benefit your studies and employability, including project management, time management and communication skills;
  • Gain experience of research and associated techniques;
  • Gain practical experience of delivering a consultancy project and working with a ‘client’;
  • Develop your knowledge and experience in sustainability and related topics.

StAR Lab students will benefit from a Supervisor / Mentor with expertise in the project area.  Taking part in STaR Lab can make a significant contribution to your transferable skills and employability by developing research skills, highlighting initiative, enthusiasm, planning and development of unique ideas, collaboration, and many other transferable skills.

As a member of staff, StAR lab provides a great way for you to share your expertise with students; to develop your supervisory skills, providing feedback and support; and support your own professional development and research interests.

Who can take part?

Applications are invited from any University of Lincoln undergraduate student wanting to pursue a StAR Lab project.

Expected StAR Lab outcomes

Students participating in StAR Lab will be expected to provide ‘the client’ with a consultancy style report or equivalent (e.g., if the client would prefer a poster or presentation of the consultancy project).

How to get started

Think about how much time you can commit to the project and when you intend to do the research / consultancy work.  All projects will have a nominated Supervisor / Mentor to support the student.

How to prepare your application

The application form must be completed by the student applying for the project.

To help you prepare, the application form requires the following information:

  • Names and email of the student applying for the project
  • Project Title applied for
  • Project Statement (outline of how you would approach the project)
  • Personal Statement (Why have you selected this project and what interests you)
  • Professional Statement (An outline of what skills and expertise you feel you would bring to the project)
How to submit your application

Complete the application form online and submit at the end of the application.

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Support available

We understand that taking part in a StAR Lab project may be an undergraduate student’s first experience of undertaking research / consultancy and therefore provide a range of support to student researchers.

This support includes mentorship from your academic supervisor / mentor.

You will also be required to gain ethical approval from the University of Lincoln for your project.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like any further guidance about StAR Lab contact