Case Study: Employer/Stakeholder Event

College College of Social Science
School / Department (list all where collaborative across more than one) School of Health and Social Care, Law School, School of Psychology, School of Social and Political Science, School of Education, School of Sports and Exercise Science.
Project / Innovation Title Employer/Stakeholder Event
Start & End Dates (where applicable) 24th of January, 2023
Project Lead Name Heather Saunders
Additional Project Team Members Faye Hatton, Paula Atkins, Amy Gillard


This project/event was one part of a larger project aimed at facilitating engagement between local employers, academic and professional services staff. The ultimate aim of this project being to support colleagues at the university to recognise the value and to involve employers and value in the development and delivery of employment based curriculum content.

This particular event brought together in one room a wide range of local employers and university staff. The event gave time for employers to hear about the work of the College of Social Science, networking, round table discussions on key themes and for local employers to view key university facilities.

During the event, engagement was excellent, and discussions were viewed by all parties to be helpful. Key points regarding curriculum design and ongoing engagement were recorded and will form the basis of a plan for the next steps in this wider project aim.

All parties in attendance will receive a follow up email asking their views on the event, any active connections made and their views on follow up activities.

Employer Stakeholder Event photo Employer Stakeholder Event photo Employer Stakeholder Event photo


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