Determination of the 3D structure of the TE1-TE2 thioesterase enzyme

by Jamie Burford-Evans //

UROS 2019 Profile Picture: Jamie Burrford-EvansAntibiotic resistance is a global concern and if not challenged, could see human populations without the availability of effective antibiotics. This is why constant research surrounding antimicrobial compounds is required to ensure a sustainable supply of effective antibiotics, ensuring life expectancy and quality of life can be safeguarded for generations to come.

This UROS project focuses on one of the many necessary steps in current antimicrobial research that can take an up and coming antibiotic, Teixobactin, from the laboratory into a clinical setting. TE1-TE2 is one of the enzymes responsible for Teixobactin’s biosynthesis and is at the centre of this project. Greater understanding of this enzyme’s 3D structure could provide the indirect information about Teixobactin’s biochemistry crucial to maximising the exploitation of Teixobactin as an antibacterial treatment.

The comprehensive research conducted included a wide range of laboratory techniques: culturing and genetic transformation of E. coli, induced expression of the TE1-TE2 gene, purification of the expressed TE1-TE2 protein via Ni2+ affinity chromatography and crystallisation of the purified protein in preparation for third party structural analysis of TE1-TE2 by x-ray diffraction.

This project has allowed me to work alongside experienced scientists in a research focused environment. Providing an insightful example of the research-based application of a variety of laboratory techniques, the meaningful analysis of the data collected and the importance of the communication of research findings to both the scientific community and wider community. Hence, I would not hesitate to recommend UROS to my peers.

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 UROS 2019 Project Poster