#LALTCHAT – 25/01/2018 – Archived

Date: 25/01/2018
Time: 7PM- 8PM
Academic: Abi Hunt – Head of Department (Marketing and Tourism) – Staff Profile

Questions: How do we engage students with the concept of different perspectives on the same topic when advising about assessment?

Every Thursday bewteen 7pm – 8pm – We have an educational twitter chat which focuses on a question posed by an academic. This weeks twitter chat was hosted by Abi Hunt from the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS).


The conversation was aimed around the idea of engaging students with an assessment and how to help them experience information from a different perspective. Some of the key points that were mentioned can be seen below:

  • Role play can be used to help support understanding and to foster empathy. It was discussed that roleplay can also be used as a formative assessment. It was suggested the 4 e’s (events, emotions, empathy and explanations)
  • The role of monopoly from a social class point of view has been used to help students understand how different classes react to different situations. (https://t.co/JcGb4nYyTm)
  • Using videos/real world situations are a useful tool to help set information in a real world context and to help support and develop different perspectives


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