IMPact Scholarly Research Notices

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Living on the edge: The impact of COVID-19 on under-represented student groups in English Higher Education
Dr. Rachel Spacey, Dr. Xiaotong Zhu, Rebecca Sanderson and Rhianne-Ebony Sterling-Morris

Maximising School Outreach: Content, resources, their provision and effectiveness
Zoe Mills

From acorns to … oaks: Getting started in Higher Education research
Dr. Kelly Sisson and Dr. Patricia Jackman

Explaining the Gaps: Using Lincolnshire-specific data from the national Uni Connect learner survey for targeted outreach
Lucy Mallinson

“Alexa, Where’s my Timetable?” Chinese Students’ Perceptions of the Personal Tutoring Role
Alison Raby

Collecting Data: Using Focus Groups
Dr. Anthea Rose

The National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) Phase 2: An overview of literature, theoretical frameworks and evaluation design
Dr. Anthea Rose

Transitioning Students Effectively: Student Led Approach to Mental Health Support
Cate Neal

University of Lincoln’s OfS funded Transitional Mental Health project evolves in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
Cate Neal

Mark Scaling: A Brief Overview and Synthesis of Sector Perspectives
Professor John G. Sharp

The use of student dashboards as early and ongoing warning and alert systems for identifying ‘at risk’ students
Professor John G. Sharp and Mayara da Mota Matos

Explaining the Gaps: A National Collaborative Outreach Project
Lucy Mallinson

Understanding the Impact of the Access Covenant: The Access and Participation Plan Evaluation Project 2018/19
Dr. Rachel Spacey and Rebecca Sanderson

The Lincoln Equality of Attainment Project (LEAP)
Dr. Xiaotong Zhu