At the University of Lincoln, we seek to broaden our awareness and appreciation of different ways of approaching teaching, learning, inquiry and the transmission of knowledge and culture. It is an opportunity for us to critically reflect upon our teaching philosophies and practices, and to actively develop our programmes and modules to include knowledges and perspectives that have often been marginalised and overlooked.

Decoloniality requires a deep critical engagement with the multiple legacies of colonialism and a commitment to work for positive change for all those living in its aftermath. It is our shared commitment that the University must not be a site where acts and processes of oppression are (re)produced, supported, and experienced. Our project ‘Decolonising @Lincoln’ addresses the ways in which the voices and perspectives of Black, Indigenous and other non-White people have been silenced, misrepresented or suppressed.

Decolonising our University means working together to reimagine our scholarship, interpersonal relations, teaching, learning and professional practices by actively including previously marginalised knowledge and ways of knowing, while challenging and critically re-assessing what and how we have been learning and teaching until now.

For more information about ‘Decolonising @Lincoln’ and our initiatives, please consult our website.