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UROS Project Showcase 2017

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Click on any of the project titles below to view the students’ reports on their projects and UROS experience. As well, you can also click on the corresponding thumbnails to view the students’ reflective project posters which were showcased at the LALT Launch Event.


Diblock Copolymers under a Shear-Flow Field

(Student: Aaron Adams)

(Supervisor: Dr. Marco Pinna)


Exploring the Stigmatisation of Offending & Non-offending Paedophiles

(Student: Abbie Marono)

(Supervisor: Dr. Ross Bartels)


Falling through gaps: A ‘fast analysis’ of the legal challenges facing survivors of Human Slavery in the UK

(Student: Adam Burton)

(Supervisor: Dr. Lucy Easthope & Kate Cochrane)


Is a child’s composition related to their risk of having symptoms of Inattention and Hyperactivity Disorder?

(Student: Amy Moutell)

(Supervisor: Alina Rodriguez)


Creating Animations for use as a Teaching Aid in Physics

(Student: Christopher Dickens)

(Supervisor: Matthew Watkins)


Analysis of the Cellular function of potential new players in Homologous Recombination

(Student: Corinne Woodcock)

(Supervisor: Csanad Bachrati)


The effects of Group Homogeneity and Heterogeneity on cooperation in Children

(Students: Georgia Cable & Anya Saddington)

(Supervisors: Dr. Bonaventura Majolo, Dr. Laetitia Marechal & Dr. Julie Van de Vyver)


How effective is a multi-agency approach in supporting young people into work, education or training?

(Student: Georgia Pengelly)

(Supervisor: Gary Saunders)


Analysing Dental Implants

(Student: Hannah Faye Thurlbeck)

(Supervisors: Waqar Ahmed & Matthew Booth)


Children’s Pedestrian Skills: Eye-Tracking studies employing Change-Blindness Stimuli

(Student: Hannah Williams)

(Supervisor: Lesley Allinson)


Tempo and mode of evolutionary change across the transition from Fish to limbed Vertebrates

(Student: Jessica Gadd)

(Supervisor: Dr. Marcello Ruta)


Synthesis of a Lanthanide-Template [2] – Catenane for Optical Anion Sensing

(Student: Kristen Limbert)

(Supervisor: Gary Saunders)


The characterisation of Clostridium Perfringens from Horse Faeces

(Student: Laura Taylor)

(Supervisor: Dr. Ronald A. Dixon)


Isolation and Identification of AHPND Strain Vibria Parahaemolyticus from Black Tiger Shrimp using the Polymerase Chain Reaction

(Student: Luke Randall)

(Supervisor: Dr. Ronald A. Dixon)


Children’s Books, Parenting, and the Transmission of Gender Stereotypes

(Student: Madeleine Pownall)

(Supervisor: Dr. Nathan Heflick)


Engaging Schools with a Children’s Rights Initiative for Lincoln

(Student: Megan Dalton & Bethany Frost)

(Supervisor: Sue Bond-Taylor & Anna Tarrant)


Can Allicin be used as a cell mediator for current antibiotics

(Student: Megan Mortimer)

(Supervisor: Edward Taylor)


Does Nutrient Intake affect the Sedimentation rate in the Diatoms Cylindrotheca Fusiformis and Phaeofactylum Tricornutum?

(Student: Nathan Harris)

(Supervisor: Stuart Humphries & Oscar Guadayol Roig)


Phonons in Nanomaterials: Introducing Copper deficiency states in CulnS2 Nanocrystals

(Student: Niall Garry)

(Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Booth)


Assessing the link between risk-taking behaviour and feeding wild animals

(Student: Olivia Smith & Tiffany McNally)

(Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Butler & Dr. Laëtitia Maréchal)


Synthesis of Iron Doped Chalcopyrite (CulnFeS2) Quantum Dots (Semiconductor Nanocrystals)

(Student: Robert Sharp)

(Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Booth)


Development and validation of a new Microcrystalline test for the identification of 6-APB and it’s Isomers

(Student: Ryan Senior)

(Supervisor: Dr. Mathieu Elie)


Shock Spectra of Cantilever Beam

(Student: Zachary Thompson)

(Supervisor: Dr. Fotios Georgiadis)




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