Staff Pilot


Start Date: August 2017     Proposed End Date: July 2018
Status: Active

Digital Education and Student Life in collaboration with ICT are offering all staff a pilot license to offers a wide array of video tutorials taught by industry experts. Once you have logged into you can browse at your leisure video courses on specific softwares, creativity and business skills. This resource offers complete freedom to learn: new digital, non-digital and soft skills, at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Project Lead: Daniel Wakefield
In collaboration with: Digital Education and Student Life,, ICT, Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE), School of Design, Human Resources

What are the aims of this project?

❱ To provide staff with an accessible online support
❱ An opportunity for staff to have freedom and control over their continuing professional development (CPD)
❱ Tailored playlists created for personalised support
❱ Engage 375 staff with
❱ Engage 200 ABE students

Benefits of

❱ Staff have accessible and just in time support online, giving each individual the opportunity to tailor their learning around their interests
❱ Access to is available 24/7
❱ Colleagues are able to create playlist for their peers to support the development of skills in their identified area

Supporting Resources support page

Quick tips 

Enhanced Productivity

Blackboard site (with playlists and support videos) *must be logged in to view

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Project update –

❱ Date: 18th May 2018

Following the review of and the success of engagement with staff at the University, there has been increasing interest in expanding this resource to students. Digital Education and Student Life alongside ICT are currently discussing a University wide license for this resource.

Currently 415 staff and 334 students are engaged with

❱ Date: 15th March 2018

A review of has been created and this has been shared with the Digital Education Sub Group (DESG).  A business case has been put forward to help support the development of across the campus.

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