Characterisation of Ventilatory Constraints During Swimming  

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Jennie Scrimshaw (School of Sport and Exercise Science)

Supervisor: Danny Taylor

In October 2021, in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth (UoP), a staff/student team within the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln (UoL) embarked upon a new research initiative. The project was funded by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme (UROS) examined the impact (if any), that varying postures had both in and out of water on mechanisms of breathing. The project was the first of its kind in terms, with what was being measured and the methodology applied. The project was supervised by a senior member of staff within the UoL, External support and advice provided by staff within UoP, The UROS scheme made it possible to obtain single-use turbines for the breathing measurement apparatus, with testing commencing in August 2022.   

One of the key aims for the project was to build student researcher experience within a laboratory setting, as a result of limited exposure within the current undergraduate programme, while developing skills preparation for the final year undergraduate dissertation assessment.  

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