Enhancing Feedback for Students (Using Podcasts)

Prof. Matthew Hall –  Professor of Law & Criminal Justice/ Programme Leader – Lincoln Law School – Staff Profile

Below is a short summary of a video case study we captured with Prof. Matthew Hall To see the full version of the video please follow this link.


Professor Matt Hall deploys video podcasts as interim updates to students throughout a module.  This approach allows Professor Matt hall to dynamically adapt and reshape the course of the module. This reflexive approach to teaching ensures that Matt is able to support and enhance the students learning journey by delivering information to meet the needs of the group.  

Methods and tools used:

Matt makes use of screen casting software and a webcam to capture information in the form of a ‘Podcast’. This is then sent through to the students to develop a digital dialogue with the group.

To see more example of good practice, please visit https://lalt.lincoln.ac.uk/online-case-studies/

If you would like support with replicating this example of good practice. Please contact digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk