A close up of a book. Inside is a calendar/planner layout.
Project Lead
Bethany Robinson-Benstead
Project team members
Caroline Hendry
Project start date
15th January, 2018
Project end date
17th September, 2018

Teaching & Learning Innovation

Planning for Success – Valuing the Academic Diary

Intended as a pilot project for first year undergraduate Nursing students, the project aimed to give each student a diary at the beginning of their academic studies and professional development. Containing useful information to help with their planning and general information regarding the programme and assessments, the diary was developed to support personalised learning and independent learning behaviours.

It was designed to combine school level information for students with programme level information so that depending on pilot progress it could be rolled out in paper/digital formats across the school/college. The project also aimed to support the transition from FE to HE by having a familiar tool to record their plans.

The diary served as an effective motivational tool offering tips and helpful processes (such as Cause for Concern) with the contents and main body. The diary aimed to increase access and promote the relevance of other student study resources and signpost to personal tutoring and other materials through the use of links to digital resources. In addition it was hoped the diary would make the students feel a greater sense of community and link to the University whilst out in placement.

The project results have been shared with the School team and relevant senior staff members to feedback the success of the project. The team included questions in the questionnaire to students to ask if they would mind if the diary was sponsored in the hope to raise funding to print them again and they were in agreement that this might be a way forward. The results of the diary evaluation were shared with the students and were used to further the development of community and partnership across the student-staff network.