Project Lead
Rob Dean
Project team members
David McSherry
Project start date
1st March, 2017
Project end date
31st May, 2017

Teaching & Learning Innovation

Music industry workshops

Following the Music programme’s successful JAMES accreditation and programme of Masterclasses with Industry professionals in Semester A, the project provided both Music and Audio Production students with the opportunity to learn from high profile professionals who shared their expertise, impart useful tricks of the trade and deliver key insights into pertinent industry related topics.

The two-day practical workshops featured two professional musicians that are currently working within the music industry in London to come to Lincoln to talk on the patchwork nature of a freelance career in music. This took place in the two days leading up to a gig the students in the Funk and Soul ensemble were performing on 9 May on The Platform.

The weekend was very successful. With the guidance of the visiting musicians the students’ band improved greatly in terms of style, sound and confidence. The audience responded very well to the concert and it has led to requests to book the band for future events. Student feedback on the workshops was also very positive.

The results of the project have been disseminated on the band’s blog site and on promotional material for the programme (Open Day presentation and series of postcards). The event itself was also disseminated via BA (Hons) Music’s Twitter feed and the Facebook page.

In the coming academic year, the Music Team, in collaboration with the Audio Production Team, will attempt to secure funding for a ‘Music Industry Training Weekend’. Part of this will involve the student ensembles receiving practical advice and assistance from visiting professional musicians currently working in the Industry.