Providing Quality Feedback in a Timely Manner

Richard Allarton –  Principal Lecturer/ Programme Leader – School of Engineering – Staff Profile

Below is a short summary of a video case study we captured with Richard Allarton. To see the full version of the video please follow this link.


Richard Allarton creates time efficient processes for delivering quality formative and summative feedback to students.  This approach envelopes group and personal/individual feedback to support development of academic assessments.  Through using this method Richard is able to give generalised feedback based on common mistakes found throughout the assessment. This means that the individual feedback can be very specific and therefore more useful to the individual.

Methods and tools used:

Richard Allarton makes use of the software Turnitin, specifically using the rubrics function to ensure that the students are aware of the expectations. He then used Microsoft Excel to collate information on the assignment which he can use to feedback to his group.

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