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Synthesis and Characterisation of p-type and n-type CulnS2 Nanocrystals

by Tobias Whinney In a world where efficiency in energy usage has never been more paramount, nor as well scrutinised on how it impacts our precious planet, new technologies are being discovered at an unprecedented rate. It is essential for developing technology not only to be increasingly energy efficient with exponential capabilities but be safeabout .

UROS 2019 Project: Mediatization Of The Nation – The Role of Technology in Nationhood at Prague Quadrennial 2019

by Thomas Cansdale & Joseph Carter (UROS 2019 People’s Choice Runner-Up) Over the summer period UROS has allowed us to further research made throughout the final semesters of our undergraduate degree. This has given us the experience needed to confidently enter the University of Lincoln’s MA Theatre programme with a strong sense of what comprisesabout .

UROS 2019 Project: Avatars for Mobility Impaired Players in Games and Virtual Reality

by Samuel Stubbings Existing research has studied the design of movement-based games to support mobility impaired players. This has focused on design elements, such as controls and interface. Thus far, little work has considered the effects of player representation, nor player’s preferences on how they are represented in games. This is particularly relevant to virtualabout .

UROS 2019 Project: Synthesis of Bicyclic Lactams from simple Caprolactams to contribute to targeting Antibiotic resistance

by Saffah Huseeba Danial When was the last time you were prescribed a course of antibiotics? Did you complete it as directed, without missing a dose? Did you know that antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats we face today (Antibiotic Guardian, 2014)? Antibiotics are essential in treating many bacterial infections in both humansabout .

UROS 2019 Project: Into the Groove – Using environmentally friendly products to clean the surface of vinyl audio records

by Liam Robinson The aim of this study was to identify a safe and effective cleaning method to remove surface dirt from vinyl audio records using environmentally friendly products. Sound archives and private collections around the world contain large numbers of vinyl records. Maintaining a clean surface is important for effective playback and reduces theabout .

UROS 2019 Project: Determination of the 3D structure of the TE1-TE2 thioesterase enzyme

by Jamie Burford-Evans Antibiotic resistance is a global concern and if not challenged, could see human populations without the availability of effective antibiotics. This is why constant research surrounding antimicrobial compounds is required to ensure a sustainable supply of effective antibiotics, ensuring life expectancy and quality of life can be safeguarded for generations to come.about .