The ‘Lincoln Equality of Attainment Project’ (LEAP) began in 2019 in order to investigate and address the nationally recognised attainment gaps which exist among certain groups of students at the University of Lincoln.  LEAP also forms one of the core ‘success’ element of the university’s five-year (2020-2025) Access and Participation Plan (APP) aimed at encouraging students from traditionally under-represented and disadvantaged groups into Higher Education.

LEAP involves extensive collaboration with academic and professional support staff and students across the university, encouraging, managing and supporting various initiatives designed to promote inclusive practice in learning, teaching and assessment (including embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion or EDI into new programme validation events and staff training).  Several other ongoing projects also fall within the scope of LEAP, including the Inclusive Curriculum Project in the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS) and the BTEC Pilot project in the College of Social Science.  By developing and focusing on specific case studies, and exploring the barriers associated with equality of attainment, LEAP helps identify and promote good practice which recognises and reflects the diversity of the university’s staff and student body.

The LEAP Project is managed by Dr Xiaotong Zhu

Xiaotong Zhu Profile Pic