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Presentations: Sabine Gerlach

On November 7th we hosted the LALT Showcase: Education in a Digital Age event.  During the day academics gave presentations on how they have used technology to enhance their teaching. This presentation was related to using video-based tasks to help foster understanding between different cultural viewpoints. Below we have the abstract and a video of the presentation.


Postgraduate modules at the LiBS have diverse cohorts with regards to nationalities and learning culture.

The implementation of a video task as seminar activity has been chosen, as students need to collaborate to produce a video due to the application of various skills, their common understanding of technology but different cultural viewpoints of its purpose and as it can be shared with the cohort as a learning tool on Blackboard.

The project shows how the video task enables multi-cultural group work in conjunction with teaching subject content and transferable skills, to enrich the student learning experience within the module.

Students were able to utilise the group work for creating friendships and support, which lead to increased motivation and satisfaction levels within the module.



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