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Presentations: Robert Dean

On November 7th we hosted the LALT Showcase: Education in a Digital Age event.  During the day academics gave presentations on how they have used technology to enhance their teaching. This presentation was related to using recorded and live lecture’s commentary to facilitate feedback provision. Below we have the abstract and a video of the presentation.


The presentation will identify and explore innovative ways in which digital technology can be used to enhance the way in which feedback on ‘live’ student performance work is conducted and conveyed. In addition, to providing examples of the techniques that have been trialled, the presentation will also demonstrate the technical tools employed and detail the students’ responses to these new forms of feedback.

Particular attention will be given to the uses of both recorded and live ‘lecturer’s commentary’ in feedback provision. I will demonstrate some of the approaches I’ve adopted in my teaching practice at UoL when giving feedback on ‘live’ student work (such as dramatic and musical performances).

One technique is the use of a recorded audio commentary that plays alongside filmed material of their performance pieces (similar to a director’s commentary on a DVD). Student Feedback on the initial trials conducted has shown that the digital solutions used have enhanced the effectiveness of the feedback given. It has also been noted that it provides a more transparent marking process. From a student perspective, this method has enabled them to more fully comprehend the impact and effect of the creative choices they have made at key moments in their performance work. Adopting this process provides students with a permanent record of their ‘live’ assessments as well as their lecturer’s comments. As such, this format helps them to address the issues and concerns that have been raised and thereby improve the standard of their work when they embark on new projects.



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