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On November 7th we hosted the LALT Showcase: Education in a Digital Age event.  During the day academics gave presentations on how they have used technology to enhance their teaching. This presentation was related to using media to enhance the student experience and to make material digital available for research. Below we have the abstract and a video of the presentation.


The Media Archive for Central England (MACE), an accredited independent archive situated on the University of Lincoln Campus, features over 50,000 pieces of media including ATV’s television holdings from the 1950s onwards, documentaries, promotional films, ‘home movies,’ and amateur film. In particular, this is a rich resource for historians of 20th century British history. This presentation will examine my teaching collaborations with the archivists at MACE as we worked to make material digitally accessible to Lincoln students, while also producing an outward facing website that would feature ‘essays of the future’ on an online platform.




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