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Presentations: Jasper Shotts

On November 7th we hosted the LALT Showcase: Education in a Digital Age event.  During the day academics gave presentations on how they have used technology to enhance their teaching. This presentation was related to using a flipped classroom learning approach to help encourage student participation, collaboration and to create active critical learners. Below we have the abstract and a video of the presentation.


This presentation is developed from a highly successful earlier national Jisc, RAISE and HEA national conferences shaped around transforming teaching through innovation according to the student experience. It addresses a common teaching challenge of how to address diverse and changing needs in new learner groups.

Within the flipped classroom it showcases how to include less often heard groups such as quiet learners and mature students. It demonstrates participatory pedagogic design centred on the active critical learner. It contributes to a cooperative commonwealth of teaching and student experience, informed by Neary and Winn`s (2017) recent research into cooperativism and aligned with catalytic principles.

Design and use of digital tools and teaching methods will facilitate flexible flipped learning with level 1 undergraduate Health and Social Care students using ‘Get Set’ data for this cohort and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) framework for flexible learning. Presentation materials will be disseminated through the online HEA community of flexible learning practice and Jisc learning and teaching practice experts group. Participating students will collaborate in curriculum review with digital developers and teachers to adjust teaching according to the collective commonwealth of teaching and learning experience.

This presentation will form part of a series of 3 University presentations to champion a neo collegial approach to enhancing teaching and learning and achieving impact beyond the institution through networked participatory scholarship as part of a Principal Fellow (HEA) application D4 iv. Students will be invited to co-present this workshop. A new e-portfolio approach will record student skills developed for employability through this project and throughout their academic journey and will contribute to their level 3 summative assessment.


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