UROS 2017 Project: Isolation and Identification of AHPND Strain Vibria Parahaemolyticus from Black Tiger Shrimp using the Polymerase Chain Reaction

By Luke Randall


Prior to this UROS project, I had attained no real lab experience outside of regular curriculum. UROS has enabled me to integrate into a work setting which was accompanied by a relaxed but still professional ethic.

During my time, I have a much greater understanding of CAT II lab procedures and the responsibilities that fall upon those work there. These include the upholding of all safety within the lab, but also taking great care to be sterile and avoiding contamination both inside and outside of the lab.

Alongside experience, I have gained key skills in microbiology. The freedom and time I gained in the lab allowed me to practice important aseptic techniques when plating, inoculating broths, etc. I have learned how to make up (and keep sterile) various solutions such as TCBS agar, agarose gel and alkaline peptide water.

With the aid of the technician’s demonstrations, I now have the ability to use various machinery within the lab. I can safely use a large centrifuge and am able to set a thermocycler to run PCR using a cycle of my own choice. I can then independently set up gel electrophoresis in order to visualise genetic material amplified in PCR.

The knowledge I have gained surrounding the work I have participated in has increased substantially. Any queries I had were answered competently by my technician. I have developed a greater understanding of DNA replication and how we can manipulate this in PCR in order to generate large amounts of genetic information to study.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and sad to see it end. I would recommend UROS to my peers and would certainly like to be involved again. I would like to thank Charlie Capendale, who supervised my work within the lab. Without his guidance, I would not have been able to complete the project to the standard attained.


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