UROS 2017 Project: Exploring the Stigmatisation of Offending & Non-offending Paedophiles

By Abbie Marono


As an individual who wishes to continue onto a career as an academic researcher, the UROS project provided me with the experience of time management self-presentation and organisation that I will need for future work. My experience of UROS has allowed me to explore my creative ability and project management skills. I could demonstrate independence in my work, as I designed, developed and carried out a research idea of my own creation. However, the guidance and support of my supervisor enabled me to stay on track and keep my work to a high quality. Thus, the structure of the project works well for academics beginning their career paths and wanting to gain practical skills, without being overwhelming.

When designing the research idea, I had a target goal of 300 participants to collect data from, I believed that this was a realistic goal for a one-month period. Shortly after beginning my project I realised that the goal of 300 might have been too optimistic and as I carried out my project it was clear that the target goal will not be reached in such a short time period. Instead, a sample of 63 participants was collected, this would have been an appropriate and more realistic goal for a one-month period, however I was unaware of this before starting the UROS scheme. Therefore, participating in the UROS scheme has allowed me to gain a more realistic and educated expectation for future research projects.

The funding received as part of the UROS scheme allowed me to explore ideas and opportunities which would not have otherwise been possible. This gave me freedom to be creative and experiment with my research ideas.

Moreover, having to present my work in such a way that it is informative and astatically pleasing has taught me a great deal about my presentation skills. I learned that I must stay brief and to the point, yet ensure that all necessary information is displayed and easily understood. During the poster event, I was approached by multiple individuals both professional and lay persons, and asked questions regarding my project. This was a situation unfamiliar to me. However, I did not feel nervous or ‘out of my depth’ due to the support and reassurance of my supervisor. Furthermore, the conference and poster presentation event allowed me to gain experience in such a novel and professional situation. this is important for me because as a researcher, I will be expected to participate in events as such in the future. Therefore, the UROS project gave me first hand, and practical experience.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had and the support I have received during my time with UROS. I would recommend the UROS scheme to aspiring researchers and individuals beginning a career in academia, as the experience gained will help in preparation for future career prospects.


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