LALT Showcase – Education in a Digital Age Project (2017)


Start Date: March 2017    Proposed End Date: December 2017
Project Status: Closed

This internal event will have oversight from academic colleagues and facilitated by Digital Education. This event will be internally aimed at staff and studentsThe purpose is to celebrate best practice and to inspire experimentation of new digitally enhanced teaching practiceinformed by practical application to pedagogical challenges. This will be achieved by: interactive workshop sessions, engaging keynote speaker(s) and an opportunity for staff and students to present their work to colleagues across the institution. 

LALT event (to serve as pre-cursor to subsequent yearly conference) will enable staff and students to celebrate and share ideas within an inclusive community setting. This event will adhere to the core principles of the University including; encouraging a ‘New vision for Education to enable ‘Teaching Excellence and a Great Student Experience.* 

Project Lead: Sammie Harnin
In collaboration with: Digital Education and Student Life, Students Union, Library, ICT, College Directors of Education, LALT Engagement, LALT Community.

What are the aims of this project?

❱ To deliver an exciting Teaching and Learning Showcase event
 To engage and encourage networking for both staff and students
❱ To leave both, staff and students feeling inspired and encouraged to experiment
❱ Celebrate best practice and interdisciplinary collaboration
❱ To promote CPD support for staff
❱ To showcase digital software aimed at solving pedagogical challenges
 To offer contributors the opportunity to submit academic papers

Benefits of this event:

❱ The event showcases Teaching and Learning across various disciplines within the University, which both: engage and encourage networking for staff and students
❱ Staff and students feel inspired and empowered to experiment and trial new technologies or softwares
❱ Staff and students are aware of Digital and ICT support available to them

Supporting Resources

➥ DigiEd17 Showreel


Project update –

❱ Date: 7th November 2018

LALT Showcase – Education in a Digital Age hosted at the Engine Shed on the 7th November 2017 brought together a mixture of professional services staff, academics, external suppliers and students; creating an ‘inclusive community’ setting. Support services offered advice and one-to-one support, whilst academics and external suppliers lead workshops, which enabled an opportunity for staff and students to experiment with new 360 VR technology, alongside readily available tools and softwares. These ran parallel to presentations delivered by academics on various practical applications of digital tools, which facilitate overcoming pedagogical challenges. 

Additional Benefits: 

Staff who were unable to present have had the opportunity to run their own sessions to demonstrate to colleagues their use of digital tools within teaching and learning, this is now an opportunity in #DigiEd events, which are seminars run by staff across the university from various disciplines. 

The setup of a LALT Twitter @UoL_LALT created engagement through the hashtag – #DigiEd17, this enabled an online community, which assisted in promotional activities. Advertisement and promotion of the event resulted in an increase in engagement to the LALT Blog site, with 1, 405 page views for the event alone.  

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