Start Date: December 2016     Proposed End Date: September 2018
Status: Active

Digital Education and Student Life, in partnership with departments across the University have created a new tool to help your students see, at a glance, what they have shared publicly on social media. This project was inspired by Graduate Interns, as a way to help students use social media more effectively. This tool will highlight to students what future employers might see on their social media pages and encourage them to make positive changes to enhance their employability.

Try the Am I Hired?® today: 

Project Lead: Ben Atkinson
In collaboration with: Digital Education and Student Life, Careers and Employability, Students Union, Student Wellbeing & ICT.

What are the aims of this project?

❱ To work collaboratively across departments to align current activities/campaigns
To seek opportunities to support students to engage positively with social media
Encourage appropriate use of social media
Enable students the freedom to self evaluate their public social media activities
Enable of understanding of the risks and benefits associated with social media; professionally, academically and personally

Benefits of Am I Hired?®

This tool pulls in publicly available data from a variety of platforms, this helps to avoid bias in the results (it does not store any personal data) 
It gives students a broad overview of their public online presence and how this might affect their employability
The tool can be used several times over, to track the changes in a student’s online presence
❱ Helping to create change in a positive way, giving students the responsibility and ownership over their online presence
❱ The tool has application for students even if they don’t use social media, showing them where they could improve their use and which platforms would be applicable

How will this help you…

If you are a student and want to know what employers are seeing about you, this is a perfect opportunity to evaluate and manage your online presence and ultimately get the most out of your social media platforms.

Supporting Resources

Social Media and Employability – Student Created Video

Project update –

❱ Date: 14th May 2018

AM I HIRED?® trademark of the University of Lincoln agreed. The use of the site is growing organically.

❱ Date: 20th March 2018

Promotion for Am I Hired? continues. Posters and flyers available in Careers Department and drop in events held for Study Happy Week and in Careers Centre. Current stats show over 2k views since launch with Facebook and Twitter being most connectd platforms and blogs and Linkedin being the least connected accounts.

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