360 VR Video Pilot


Start Date: June 2017     Proposed End Date: September 2017
Status: Closed (Follow on projects scheduled)

To explore the potential of new video based learning techniques to enhance the learning experience for students. Working with a number of pilots across disciplines, identify suitable learning outcomes to deliver an enhanced learning experience by harnessing the benefits of immersive 360 VR.

VR projects include the VR Patient Journey series, placing the participant in the shoes of Alex – a victim of a stroke. The series takes the participant from the initial accident, through A&E and rehabilitation, all the way to home care.

Project Lead: Andy Beggan
Technical Lead: Josh Brown
In collaboration with: Sean Morton, Jasper Shotts, Sandy Willmott, College of Social Science, Accommodation, Video Support Assistants

What are the aims of this project?

Review Pedagogic Outcomes

The series aims to be a multi-discipline immersive experience with a wide pedagogical application. The series will immerse the participant in the point-of-view of a stroke patient, throughout their journey as a stroke patient. Within this, there are numerous instances where medical professionals display poor practice; it falls to the alert participant to spot these instances and reflect upon them.

❱ Evaluate impact and inform next steps

However, the most crucial pedagogical outcome is Virtual Reality’s potential for generating empathy; the virtual reality experience will enable participants to be in the shoes of the patient, and so will experience the effects of poor bedside manner, intimidating jargon and lack of communication. With this pedagogical application of VR technology, the project aims to influence the progression VR in teaching; by creating an immersive experience, students are able to enact self-directed learning through empathy.

Benefits of 360 Videos

Creating new 360 videos for educational purposes
❱ This video technique creates interactive an immersive education resources
Students are able to watch and interact with videos outside of lectures and seminars

Supporting Resources

Video example of 360

Review of the project

Project update –

❱ Date: 23rd January 2018

A review meeting is currently planned in for the 5th March

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