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Technical Tips

Technical Tips

To help you save time when using We have compiled a list of tips and tricks we have picked up along the way to help you save time.

Searching has a lot of content, so we have written some tips to help you search through the available courses in order to find the content you are looking for:

  • Use the search box at the top of the page to narrow down your search results.
  • Be precise in your searches, i.e. look for software or process names to help define your search.
  • Use the filters on the left of the search results to refine further.
  • Use the library course categories to select a certain area of course you are looking for.
  • Once you’ve found a course or video you like, if needed, you can refine even further by searching through the course’s full transcript.

Learn at your own pace

Each of the courses on are divided into bite sized chunks usually no longer than 6 minutes each. This means that you can jump straight to the feature you want to learn without going through the whole course to find what you are after. You can even search for a part of the course at the top of the menu to help you with this.

Save and Share Playlists

You can keep track of your courses by adding them to playlists. Playlists let you save and organize the courses you want to watch in the categories and lists that make sense to you. You can also share your playlists with others by mail, direct link, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Making notes has an inbuilt note taking system. You can use this system to take notes at certain key points in the video. The notes that you make will be automatically associated with a specific time code that you made the notes. This allows you to jump back when you want to reference what you’ve written or revisit specific parts of a video.
You also have the option to download your notes by exporting them as Microsoft Word, PDF, a text file, or even to Google Docs or EverNote.


To bookmark you need to click the bookmark icon on the left of the video in the course list.

Bookmarking is a feature that allows you to save videos from the course table of the contents page. These will then be stored in your profile. You can then categorize and locate your bookmarked videos later on. You can also create your own tags for videos to help you organise them. Once a tag has been created you can click on the tag and all videos which share that tag category will be shown.

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