Introducing The Concept Suite

The Concept Suite is a a new innovative digitally enhanced active learning space for up to 25 students. It aims to blur the boundaries between disciplines, between formal and informal learning, and between learning and creative practice.

Guiding principles for the room

  • To encourage dispersed group teaching
  • To provide flexible focus points
  • To support active learning
  • To blur sense of ‘presence’ virtually and physically

Features include:

  • Flexible smart lighting offering you far greater choice of room colours, influencing mood and tone as well as brightness

  • Active Learning Space with Flexible Walls and Furniture

  • Large Digital Interaction Wall with ‘casting’ support and lecture recording

  • Digital Flipchart allowing connecting to external devices

Concept Designs

The Concept Designs and Furniture options are detailed on the Spark presentation.

Next Steps

  1. To book the Concept Suite for teaching in Term 1 2019/29, email your School Timetabler and with the module code and module title.
  2. Email to join an interactive drop-in session.