Digital Education Support

The team’s remit is to support the effective adoption of digital activities for teaching and learning. This is deliberately broad and covers face-to-face consultancy in workshops or direct support, as well as online by sharing good practice across the University case studies, worksheets and videos. The support model is detailed below. For more information on any of the elements please contact:

Digital Education Support Model

Digital Education Developer Support

Each Digital Education Developer is aligned to a college to act as a contact for support, advice and practical input into effective strategies to enhance teaching and learning with technology support issues.

Services offered:

  • To advise and support staff in the implementation of the digital education strategies.
  • Support the development of digital education amongst staff and students, reducing technical barriers and enabling.
  • Support the use of different technologies for education through the delivery of workshops, production of guides, and one-to-one staff mentoring.
  • Support the development of digital capabilities via Continuing Professional Development training sessions for staff and students to foster and enhance digital education.

Digital Education Developer Contacts:

College of Arts – Ben Atkinson-Foster • • 01522 835827

College of Science  – Michael Shaw • • 01522 835053

College of Social Sciences and
Lincoln International Business Schools (LIBS) 
– Chavan Kissoon • • 01522 835644

Lincoln Medical School (Nottingham & Lincoln) – Ahmet Durgungoz • • 01522 835029

In addition, support for Digital Leads/#DigiEd events/ABC Workshops/Video Support Assistants is provided by:
Dan Wakefield • • 01522 886034

#DigiEd18 Events

#DigiEd is a series of academic led events to share best practice, promote new ideas and collaborate on new approaches. Facilitated by team members within Digital Education and Student Life, the aim is to inspire colleagues with practical tried and tested approaches to digitally enhanced education. If you would like to see content from previous events click here

Forthcoming events available here: #Digied Events

In addition, join us every Thursday night 7-8pm on Twitter for #LALTCHAT and join the conversation on a different weekly education topic.

Digital Education CPD

Digital Education CPD sessions are run on a regularly throughout the academic year by the Digital Education Developers. The team have recently complete a review of CPD and are preparing to deliver sessions ahead of the 2018/19 academic year. These CPD sessions take two forms, University wide workshops, which are this year being run in July and September 2018 (you can book for these sessions directly through the HR staff development portal page), and school specific workshops which are run by each Digital Education Developer in their relevant college. All Digital Education CPD focuses on using digital tools to solve specific pedagogical challenges and has been designed around the HEA UK PSF framework.

Click here to view a list of the upcoming Digital Education CPD sessions

Online case studies • CPD • Helpsheets •

‘ABC’ Curriculum Design Workshops

Based on the successful curriculum design workshops pioneered at UCL, the ABC workshop offers a toolkit of traditional and digital learning design methods.  Through discussion and planning a useful oversight of module design, methods, formative / summative feedback and different elements of teaching, learning and assessment are developed across modules within a programme.

These workshops are highly engaging and action-oriented and involves mapping out learning activities (using view point cards) across modules or programmes through a range of stages and can usefully be adapted to look at enhancing current activities as well as redesigning new programmes or module delivery.

To find out more or arrange a workshop visit our page or  contact: