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Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity has many tools available to help increase productivity and learning output. Below we have written some tips which may help support you in your learning through

Learning Paths and Curated Playlists

Learning paths can be found on the home page of and are designed to help you develop elements that are needed for certain career paths. have put together a playlists of courses, quizzes and practice sessions that have been carefully curated by experts in the industry to help support your development in that field.

Collaborative Learning

A lot of research supports the fact that collaboration increases motivation and enhances learning. allows you to create groups, give and receive constructive feedback.
You can set your own goals, create custom playlists, set timed tasks and even set your own performance assessments. These groups can be created offline, meeting a couple of times a month, or online, on Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you would like help to create a working group please contact

Exercise files provide example files used by the authors as part of their subscription costs. These files are here to help support your learning by allowing you to follow along. Not every course has files attached but the courses that include files will have them available on the download meny above the video player

Practice Environments

Practice Environments are a new features for They are mostly used for coding sessions and they allow you to code alongside the video inside your own web browser. This features is available for a variety of user levels. Ranging from the beginner to the advanced.

The practice environments have features such as: Real-time preview, syntax highlighting, and a built-in JavaScript console for debugging and element interaction

For a full list of courses pease visit: A full list of Practice Environment-enabled courses at

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