Engaging Students at a Distance (Using Blackboard Collaborate)

Chang Ge –  Lecturer – Department of People and Organisation – Staff Profile

Below is a short summary of a video case study we captured with Chang Ge.


Chang Ge utilises online synchronous discussion webinars to support and enhance the workplace distance learners’ experience of University.  Work-based distance learners don’t have physical access to all the tutor support and resources and using internet based software allows them to access all of these resources to develop skills and information acquisition. This is an inclusive and collaborative process allowing students to work effectively without barriers.  Chang achieves this using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

To see more example of good practice, please visit https://lalt.lincoln.ac.uk/online-case-studies/

If you would like support with replicating this example of good practice. Please contact digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk