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The Concept Suite

Lead by the Learning Spaces Working Group, ‘The Concept Suite’ is an exploratory project aiming to provide an agile space for experimentation within learning and teaching. The Concept Suite is located in the Nicola de la Haye building (NDH) and is currently in refurbishment phase. The aim is to have a room on campus that is open to book for all staff and students to allow for experimentation.  In December 2018, a 24 hour EdTech Hackathon event was held with students from Design (Tonia Warsap lead) and Computer Science (Chris Headleand lead) to explore their ideas into how the space could be developed. This was a fantastic event with the outputs informing ongoing planning with Estates and ICT. Following current activity, staff workshops will inform the design and implementation of The Concept Suite throughout 2019. Please click here to see visuals and find more information on the project. If you would like more information on this project please contact Andy Beggan directly, or alternatively email

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Project Status Active

Start Date.

September 2018

End Date.

August 2019

Dean of Digital Education

Andy Beggan

Project Working Group

Garry Wilson (Dean of LALT), Gyles Lingwood (College DoE), John Stocker (School of Design DoE), Hanya Pielichaty (LIBS Programme Lead), Ben Mayer, Jason Ramsden (AV), Matt Cavill (ICT), Grant Anderson, Jayne Bannister, Richard Nethercott (Estates), Bridget Jackson (Timetabling), Tom Wright (Director of Student Life), Tommy George, Jennifer Barnes (SU), Samantha Harnin (Programme Officer)

Project Tags
Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital Environments

Project Update

  • April 2020
    Phase 2 of the Concept Suite will commence once teaching returns to on-site campus delivery.
  • February 2020
    Feedback is currently in the process of being gathered to evaluate Phase 1 of the project and inform the planning of Phase 2.
  • December 2019
    Since it's launch we are seeing the space being used for approximately 20 hours a week for academic activity. To find out more information and how to book visit:
  • September 2019
    The Concept Suite is now available for teaching with space for up to 25 students. To find out more information and how to book visit:
  • September 2018
    The Concept Suite project initiated and planning is underway!