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Poll Everywhere Rollout (AY18/19)

Poll Everywhere is a software for audience participation. The application encourages interactivity within seminars or lectures to further engage with students.

Following a successful pilot with a small group of academics across the University, Poll Everywhere was rolled out as a core tool in May 2018. As part of the roll out a commitment has been made to support 7k student licences through a combination of unique devices and registered student accounts. The Poll Everywhere PowerPoint plugin will also be provided on all corporate machines and via the Software Centre, as this will allow staff to effectively administer their polls in a variety of teaching spaces around campus.

Support for Poll Everywhere is provided by the Digital Education Team and helpsheets and support videos can also be found on the Bb Help and Support tab on Blackboard. In September 2018, dedicated support pages for students and staff were introduced, and guidance for Poll Everywhere can be found on both pages.

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Start Date.

May 2018

End Date.

May 2019

Project Team

ICT, Poll Everywhere Pilot Group, Digital Education

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Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital Environments

Project update

  • February 2020
    Following rollout across campus, the project has now moved into business as usual supported and co-ordinated by Digital Education.
  • December 2019
    ICT have rolled out this PowerPoint Plugin to all teaching spaces on campus and added it to the software centre so that it can be downloaded on all other corporate machines.
  • September 2018
    Competition feature introduced by Poll Everywhere, a new interactive formative assessment method. Students compete against each other to answer correctly and in a quicker time than their peers.
  • July 2018
    Poll Everywhere training workshops run as part of the first Digital Education Training Week. Helpsheets and video support made available via Blackboard Help & Support tabs for staff and students.
  • May 2018
    Full roll out of Poll Everywhere agreed after a successful pilot. 7k licences agreed for students through a combination of unique devices and student registered accounts. Poll Everywhere will not be SSO supported, but Blackboard building block and PowerPoint plugin will be installed.