Project Type

Poll Everywhere Pilot

Poll Everywhere is a software for audience participation. The application encourages interactivity within seminars or lectures to further engage with students.  This six-month pilot aims to explore the use of live polling using this tool and how effective it is in engaging learners.

During the pilot period, members of staff who wish to be involved will be given full access to the range of features that Poll Everywhere includes. They will have a chance to test certain types of polls, see which types of polls work best for their courses and reflect upon the use of the tool.

The pilot will identify the need and use of the tool and an evaluation will be undertaken to understand the benefits of Poll Everywhere to staff and students across the university.

Project Questions & Answers

Project Status Completed

Start Date.

August 2017

End Date.

May 2018

Project Lead (Digital Education Developer)

Ben Atkinson-Foster

Pilot Team

ICT and members of the LALT community

Project Tags
Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital Environments

Project update

  • May 2018
    Over 105 staff accounts, with 42853 individual responses over the course of the pilot. The pilot scheme has so far shown that Poll Everywhere is most used in large lectures with 100+ students. The feedback from those involved in the pilot has been that it increased student’s engagement in this setting and this has been supported by feedback in module evaluations.