Project Type

Microsoft Office – Teams/OneNote Teaching and Learning (Pilot)

A year long pilot to experiment with the use of Microsoft Teams and OneNote in Teaching and Learning across several modules.

Project Questions & Answers

Project Status Completed

Start Date.

January 2019

End Date.

January 2020

Project Lead

Mike Shaw

Project Tags
digital education
Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital T&L and Assessment

Project update

  • April 2020
    Teams/One Note teaching and learning approaches have been implemented to support remote teaching across the University as appropriate.
  • February 2020
    The brief summary report submitted to DESG (22.01.20) noted that Microsoft Teams in Teaching and Learning has potential to address principles outlined in NGDLE project around collaborative learning opportunities across disciplines, providing anytime, anywhere (mobile friendly) access, embedding 21st Century digtal skills through a professional-practice workplace tool. Opportunities through Teams are exciting but can be challenging when less familiar than traditional teaching and learning pedagogies. • A more detailed report is pending.
  • December 2019
    Pilot studies have been undertaken with NCFM, Lincoln School of Film and Media and the School of History and Heritage. An evaluation and reflections from the pilot will reported in early 2020.