Project Type

Micro-Credentials – Digital Learning Platforms

This is part of a larger University project, co-ordinated by Office for Quality Standards and Partnerships at the University for delivery of micro-credential courses. 

To enable microcredential delivery, this particular workstream will focus on identifying a suitable learning platform.


Project Questions & Answers

Project Status Active

Start Date.

May 2020

Digital Workstream Project Lead

Andy Beggan

Project Tags
Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital Environments

Project update

  • September 2020
    It has been agreed that the micro-credential Journalism course (due to launch in October) will be created in LearnDash. The course structure has been built and made available to the course team to add content.
  • July 2020
    Meeting has taken place and requirements of the three different academic workstreams identified. Mapping of requirements and capabilities of existing digital tools to be completed by Digital Education. The first course is due to go on line for an October 2020 enrolment. A draft terms of reference for the Digital workstream is under development.
  • June 2020
    Scoping of requirements to be carried out with each of the academic workstreams within the overall project.