Project Type Campus Rollout & Upgrade(AY18/19)

Following on from the successful staff pilot (AY17/18) and an identified need to have just-in-time support, a rollout of will be delivered in AY18/19. offers courses delivered by industry experts as learning and teaching resources. will be accessible campus wide for students, professional services staff and academics. Using your university credentials you will be able to access a variety of training videos and materials to support with self-directed learning.

To access using your university credentials please go to:


Upgrade to LinkedIn Learning

As part of the service we provide we are upgrading to LinkedIn Learning. This process will be automatic and staff will gain access to this upgraded service in July 2019. If you would like to find out more information about the transition then please visit:

Project Questions & Answers

Project Status Completed

Start Date.

July 2018

End Date.

July 2019

Project Lead

Dan Wakefield

Project Team

ICT, Library, Digital Education, HR, Careers and Employability and members of the LALT Community.

Project Tags
Digital Capabilities
Digital Education Transformation Programme

Project Update:

  • August 2018
    Plans have been agreed for each different department. Admins have been set up across the university and training has been put in place to support all staff and students. Each department have also started to embed in a variety of ways to allows people to use the tool effectively.
  • September 2019's list of active users is currently growing by roughly 100 people a day on average. We currently have 2200 active users. A working group meeting was held to discuss ways to move the tool forward.
  • January 2019
    Lynda currently has 3550 active users. Advertisements and pop-up events have been planned to help enable users to access the service.
  • June 2019
    We currently are in the process of upgrading to LinkedIn Learning. We are currently creating new resources to support staff in their use of this system and working with ICT to ensure a smooth transition between the two systems.
  • December 2019
    Dec 2019 - Linkedin learning has had an increase in traffic and multiple groups are now using this across the university. We are currently planning to hold an event including multiple groups to support the embedding of the tool. Linkedin learning are also wanting to create a case study based on the good work that we do here a the University of Lincoln.