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Low Code App – Countdown to Lincoln

Aligned with the Lincoln First Year, Getting Ready for Lincoln, this project aimed to explore the use of a Low Code software solution called Mendix to design and develop a new mobile app for students transitioning to life at the University of Lincoln. This project was a collaboration between the Digital Education team and the School of Computer Science, from where four students were engaged to design and build the app as part of an internal school UROS project. The ‘Countdown to Lincoln’ app which was developed by this student team, was launched in August 2019 for a three month trial period with accessing concluding on 31st October. A series of interactive games, activities and articles were developed to support students transitioning to the University and innovative approaches such as gamified trophies and a leaderboard, were provided to encourage and support students through the process. Prizes were given at both the midpoint and the end of the pilot.

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Start Date.

June 2019

End Date.

October 2019

Project Lead

Ben Atkinson

Project Lead

Andy Beggan

Garry Clawson

Student Developer

Craig Clephane

Student Developer

David Churchill

Student Developer

Eden Benson

Student Developer

Project Tags
digital education
Digital Education Transformation Programme

Project update

  • February 2020
    The report submitted to DESG noted a positive response from student developers and students who engaged with the App. This aspect of the 'Countdown to Lincoln' initiative has now closed as a project. Adoption of the App will be reviewed as part of the next steps for Countdown to Lincoln.
  • October 2019
    The pilot concludes with over 80+ students actively engaging with the app on a daily basis, building up points on the leaderboard and collecting trophies. End of pilot prizes are awarded and evaluation of the project begins.
  • September 2019
    Use of the app peaks as students arrive at the University to begin their studies. Midpoint prizes are awarded for the students who are at the top of the leaderboard.
  • August 2019
    Development completed and application launched on iOS and Android devices. Student pilot cohort invited to download and start using the app, pilot students having been chosen from four varying programmes of study.
  • July 2019
    Student development team lead by Digital Education, begin work on the Mendix Low Code platform. They complete training and take part in a two day development course with the Mendix team on site. Design and development of the app begins, including focus groups on accessibility, UX and UI design and liaison with key departments in the University, including Student Support and Accommodation.
  • June 2019
    Project launched in alignment with the Lincoln First Year, applications open for student developers in the School of Computer Science to support the project through the internal UROS Scheme.