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Communities of Practice – Use of video practice in Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Following the ‘Technology for Online Marking’ pilot, this project is seeking to collate data and create a Community of Practice for the use of video in teaching, learning and assessment.

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Start Date.

February 2019

End Date.

February 2020

Project Lead

Sandy Willmott

Project Lead

Chavan Kissoon

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Digital Communities
digital education
Digital Education Transformation Programme
Digital T&L and Assessment

Project update

  • February 2020
    Following the CoP meetings during January, further meetings are scheduled to take place during March and April 2020. Activities across the academic community include: uploading excerpts of student coaching sessions to Talis Elevate for students to use for focussed discussion, peer learning and critique; practice of creating a range of video on animation techniques; Lecturer created SPSS videos around specific techniques; Student feedback in 360 video; the use of iPads during lectures for modelling via digital sketching; Engaging students through video feedback aimed to emotionally connect the lecturer with the student and the student with the feedback; Using Talis Elevate to increase students' feedback literacy. Highlighted activities are across NCFM, Engineering, Dance, Psychology and Sports and Exercise Science.
  • December 2019
    Project refocused to be linked to video-based pedagogic projects being undertaken by academic colleagues. Workshop around using video practice in teaching and learning delivered at the DigiEd conference. Video Tool Kit Launched Community of Practice meetings are scheduled for January 2020.
  • June 2019
    Information presented at the Digital Education Sub Group (DESG) and to the wider community through Staff News, Digital Leads and academic representative members of DESG.
  • February 2019
    Community of Practice special interest group launched with a number of meetings held throughout January.