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Digital Education and Student Life, in partnership with departments across the University have created a new tool to help your students see, at a glance, what they have shared publicly on social media. This project was inspired by Graduate Interns, as a way to help students use social media more effectively. This tool will highlight to students what future employers might see on their social media pages and encourage them to make positive changes to enhance their employability.

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Start Date.

April 2017

End Date.

January 2018

Project / Design Lead

Ben Atkinson-Foster

In collaboration with:

Digital Education and Student Life, Careers and Employability, Students Union, Student Wellbeing & ICT.

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Digital Capabilities
Digital Education Transformation Programme

Project update

  • May 2018
    AM I HIRED?® trademark of the University of Lincoln agreed. The use of the site is growing organically.
  • March 2018
    Promotion for Am I Hired? continues. Posters and flyers available in Careers Department and drop in events held for Study Happy Week and in Careers Centre. Current stats show over 2k views since launch with Facebook and Twitter being most connectd platforms and blogs and Linkedin being the least connected accounts.