Learning & Teaching Development and Student Engagement support

With engagement at the heart of the team’s focus, projects and activities are informed and led by key academic and student agendas centred around the teaching & learning environment at the University. Working collaboratively with nominated groups, project delivery includes capturing and presenting informed research, responding to stakeholder needs and facilitating best practice dissemination.

Examples of activities and projects includes:

  • Support and enabling of key student survey activities, including NSS and module evaluation.
  • Facilitating and delivery of tailored development opportunities, including an Academic Professional Apprenticeship, and HEA recognition scheme.
  • Enhancing student engagement opportunities, including development of peer mentoring models, as well as opportunities to collaborate and work alongside academics.
  • Running an annual competitive bursary scheme, designed to encourage students to gain hands-on research experience on projects across all subject disciplines.

Staff can access further information via the LALT Resources Hub here