#LALTCHAT – Archive – 01/03/18

Date: 01/03/2018
Time: 7PM- 8PM
Academic: Abi Hunt – Head of Department (Marketing and Tourism) – Staff Profile


Q1. How assessment literate are we as staff?

Q2. How assessment literate are students?

Q3. What can we do to increase staff and student assessment knowledge?

Every Thursday bewteen 7pm – 8pm – We have an educational twitter chat which focuses on a question posed by an academic. This weeks twitter chat was hosted by Abi Hunt from the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS).


The conversation was aimed around the idea of sharing knowledge around assessment and how we need to look at our own experiences and knowledge of assessments and to what extent we might need to improve our own practice. Some of the key points that were mentioned can be seen below:

  • We need a wide range of assessments to help support inclusive learning and students who come from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Peer to peer assessment can be very helpful in supporting development and understanding
  • Students should be involved in the assessment writing process to help support collaboration between staff and students
  • Recording video instructions for all staff and students on assessments can help everyone be on the same page when marking
  • Recording VLOGS to help share practice across the university is useful and a small pilot group could be used to trial this.

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