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#LALTCHAT – ARCHIVE – 22nd February 2017

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Date: 22/02/2018
Time: 7PM- 8PM
Academic: Dr Deborah Lock – Deputy Head of College/ Colege Director of Education – Lincoln International Business Schools  – Staff Profile

Questions: How do we build resilience and creativity amongst students

Every Thursday bewteen 7pm – 8pm – We have an educational twitter chat which focuses on a question posed by an academic. This weeks twitter chat was hosted by Dr. Deborah Lock from the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS).

The conversation was aimed around students being able to express their creativity, methods to support this and how do we ensure that students are resilient learners. Some of the key points that were mentioned can be seen below:

  • Should student be involved in the process of assessment?
  • Have students involved directly in their learning, i.e. live tweeting inside of an LMS to help update students understanding and questions during a session
  • Do schools need to do more to help students who are coming into education from different backgrounds?
  • Creativity is important and usually you need confidence to engage with that creativity.
  • Student review groups can help support resilience

To see a full archived version of the #LALTCHAT please click here

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